Project methodology

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The search of games:

The deliverable of the project relies on existing resources to facilitate product development. To get to the objective testing phase, a comprehensive search of different databases for moderate-to physical activity (MVPA) games that fit European model of physical education and traditional sports (i.e., football, basketball) will occur. The main selection and development criteria for the games was their potential to provide MVPA minutes while on the outset of the search seemingly enjoyable. The selected games were tested for feedback for 20-30 PE teachers by each partner. This information was vital for evaluation the descriptions of the games in practice to investigate the understanding of the methodology. Based on the result changes were applied for the one-page game descriptions when needed.

Testing the games:

The initially prepared games were tested for MVPA and enjoyment in the physical education class setting in the second grade kids. Each game was tested at least 4 times to ensure the variability of the class. Overlap and multiple testing conditions provided the necessary data to determine the best estimates of MVPA minutes for all children in a group while being well aware of expected classroom enjoyment. The kids were equipped with Polar heart rate monitors and the games were played in 10 minute blocks for intensity recording. The average MVPA time per game had to be more than 60% to be included into the final output. Vital to our testing was that of asking the children and youth to rate game enjoyment of the game. Enjoyment criteria was measured using the simple smiley faces that are most reliable for kids to indicate their satisfaction. Certainly, during this phase, games rated unenjoyable were eliminated.

Filming the games:

Finally we filmed all the games (at least 100) that satisfied the target testing criteria and performed editing to have a detailed overview of the game. The filmed material was edited and supported by visual and audio instructions where appropriate. Each video clip has both graphical and visual guidelines of how to perform a game. The final product will include all the materials related to the MVPA games/activities such as detailed instructions of the games, video clips and browsing the games based on the predefined parameters (e.g., sport type, percentage of MVPA minutes, enjoyment rating). Thus, by a few steps, PE teachers (our primary target group) as well as other groups such as sport club coaches will be able to search and organise MVPA maximised sessions. 


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