Happy Independence Day!


Estonia’s national university is celebrating the 104th anniversary of our country and wishes it happiness and many more years of independence! 

The header photo was taken by Kaspar Koolmeister, Junior Research Fellow in Plant Biology at the University of Tartu, in honour of the 104th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Koolmeister used powdered milk, a solution of Sudan black and toluidine blue to make the blue-black-white tricolour. The colours remain in different layers because the solutions have different densities and were pipetted at a steady pace. 

Meditsiiniteaduste vadkond

Scientific conference celebrating the anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine

Teadusõhtu Tartus

Tartu Science Night

Tartu Ülikooli doktoritööde sari

Doctoral defence: Mati Arend “Effects of specific inspiratory muscle warm-up on maximal inspiratory pressure, rowing performance, and VO2 kinetics”