The Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy

The Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy has become a significant centre of sports science in Estonia and Europe. The teaching and research of the institute is incredibly diverse, ranging from the subtle aspects of sports psychology to the molecular mechanisms of muscle contraction.

An important direction of the institute is research related to the development of physical working capacity. In order to ensure the better preparation of athletes and provide solutions to increase the efficiency of athletic training, several sports federations also cooperate in the field of training and testing.

The institute holds a unique climate laboratory, which aims to study the resistance and adaptation of the human body to different climatic conditions, like freezing temperatures or desert heat. There is also a Move Lab that focuses on the mobility and physical activity of children in school.

Students have access to the university stadium and the modern sports and athletic halls of the University of Tartu Academic Sports Club. Physiotherapy students can develop practical skills at Tartu University Hospital and other health care institutions throughout Estonia