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Call for abstracts: scientific conference celebrating the anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine

This year, the Faculty of Medicine's anniversary events will take place on October 10th and 11th. We invite all interested parties to submit abstracts for the Faculty of Medicine's anniversary research conference by May 27, 2024.

We welcome abstract submissions for the research conference of the Faculty of Medicine, showcasing results of research conducted in the field of medicine and sports sciences over the past year. Submissions are open to students, resident physicians, researchers, faculty members, practising physicians, and others. Abstracts can be submitted here.

The research conference will take place on Thursday, October 10th, at Biomeedikum in auditorium 1006. Abstracts will be presented in two formats: oral presentations and poster presentations during a poster session. Traditionally, a booklet of abstracts will be compiled.

On Friday, October 11th, the thematic conference "From Molecule to Public Health" is devoted to the 25th anniversary of Biomeedikum and the 10th anniversary of the Translational Medicine Centre. In the evening of October 11th Dean’s reception is held, where honorary medals of the Faculty of Medicine, awards to outstanding speakers in the scientific conference and scholarships are presented. All medical residents who finished their residency training in the previous summer will receive graduation diplomas.

More information about the events can be found on the website of the Faculty of Medicine.

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